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Voice One offers these Characters Classes:  
Creating Characters
Bringing Voices to Life
Character Intensive

Note: Character animation students are also required to attend the following Commercial Core classes before producing a character demo: By the Book and Making it M.I.N.E.™


"I had a wonderful time [in Creating Characters]. Terry is amazing. He is so intelligent, gifted, and nurturing. You can add me to the class of grateful students (and this was only the 3 hour intro!)."
Larissa Kasian, Actor

"Thanks for everything! The classes have been great, and thanks so much for thinking of me when it came to the 'attitude guy' and the 'pet rockers' job. I look forward to more classes at Voice One and hope you'll keep me in mind if any more wacky voice opportunities come up! Thank you again!"
Jason Sowell, Actor

with David Rosenthal
Discover and uncover the many voices that live inside you with this veteran of over 65 video games. You’ll be encouraged to take chances, explore voice placements, have fun, and use your body to create truthful characters. This character development foundation prepares you for more in-depth study in Bringing Voices To Life and Character Intensive.  
Choose one class that fits your schedule and then continue in the core curriculum commercial and narration tracks.
Jan 14 Sa
Feb 12 Su
Mar 18 Sa
Apr 12 We
May 21 Su 2pm-5pm  
Jun 24 Sa
Aug 19 Sa 2pm-5pm  
Sep 17 Su 2pm-5pm  
Oct 15 Su 2pm-5pm  
Nov 19 Su 2pm-5pm  
Investment $95  
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with Elaine Clark & David Rosenthal

"Thank you for your great character voice training.
Without you, I wouldn't have booked the recurring part of Leap for Leap Frog Toys!"
Amy Provenzano, Actor
(Stars, The Agency)

Learn the TECHNICAL requirements needed in video games, cartoons, and toys. Create voices to match pictures, parse and concatenate sentences, analyze scripts, create a 3-D world, audition effectively, make strong performance choices, and more! Elaine Clark is a working actor who has directed, performed, and/or cast over 100 videogames, 2 anime cartoon series, a few cartoons, and 200 toys.  
Session 1  
Feb 17 Fr 6:30pm-9:30pm  
Feb 18-19 Sa/Su 10am-5pm  
Session 2 (Summer Fast Track)  
Jul 28 Fr 6:30pm-9:30pm  
Jul 29-30 Sa/Su 10am-5pm  
Session 3  
Sep 22 Fr 6:30pm-9:30pm  
Sep 23-24 Sa/Su 10am-5pm  
Investment $470      
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with Elaine Clark & Guests

Thanks for the hospitality, evaluation and explanations. I’m anxious to have fun and be in a group setting, get comfortable in front of a mic. You have a great school, great teachers, great courses, and a great founder!"
Norma Diana, Actor

Build your book of character voices as you explore funny voices, evil monsters, military personnel, heroes, cinematic storytellers, age variables, sci-fi, sports, adventure, puzzle, social games, and toy voices. The last class has a special challenge that prepares you for a character demo. Elaine has cast and directed voice talent for game and anime clients Viz, Kabam, Leap Frog, Sega, Sony, and others, plus toy ideation companies. So, you can be sure you'll learn a lot!  
Session 1  
Apr 20-Jun 8 8 Th 6:30pm-9:30pm  
Session 2 (Summer Fast Track)  
July 24-27 Mo-Th 10am-5pm  
Session 3  
Nov 10 & 17 2 Fr 6:30pm-9:30pm  
Nov 11 & 18 2 Sa 10am-5pm  
Nov 12 Su 10am-5pm  
Investment $640  
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